The Heart Work Academy Presents: EduCare Womens Leadership Academy

Get the Leadership Coaching, Support & Tools You Need to Confidently Create an Education Career You Love

Let’s be honest: working in education is beyond fulfilling. But while you may teach your students the invaluable knowledge they need to advance in their lives and careers – you have no idea how to move forward in your own.

 You’ve excelled so far. That’s why you were promoted into leadership. But no one gave you a manual on how to do this management thing well. As a result, you’ve been struggling with navigating the ins and outs of leading a team, workplace politics and managing your own career at the same time.

As an educator, you know how important it is to have guidance and support as you grow. But without a mentor who’s got your back, you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast. And what was supposed to be a defining moment in your career is now a soul-sucking experience where you can’t help but feel overlooked, underappreciated and frankly, alone and unworthy.

Look, no one teaches you the secret language the higher ups speak. No one teaches you how to navigate politics – or what the politics even are. So, you’re left to figure it all out yourself ... Until now.

Introducing EduCare Women’s Leadership Academy, a hybrid group coaching program for female education leaders who are tired of figuring out how to navigate their careers on their own.

Inside, you’ll get the coaching you need to confidently deal with any situation, the knowledge you need to handle office politics with ease and the community and support from like-minded women who know exactly what you’re going through.

You’ll learn how to:

- Discover the unique value you bring to the team...beyond your job description
- Practice articulating your value to others
- Discuss strategies for navigating the structures and politics of higher education
- Learn how to manage up, down, and all around...because the people part is the hardest part
- Explore and set professional boundaries
- Open your mind to options concerning your next steps
- Design the life you desire, and
- Receive valuable feedback for packaging your expertise and advancing in higher education

 Here’s a sneak peek of everything you get when you step inside the doors of the EduCare Women’s Leadership Academy:

Live Coaching with Dr. PBJ

One-on-One coaching with Dr. PBJ
8 LIVE group coaching sessions during the Academy

Value- $4795

Video Modules

Weekly Video Modules to explain concepts and  support your journey

Value- $497

Journal Worksheets 

Journal Worksheets and challenge activities to accompany modules

Value- $297

Exclusive Community

Exclusive Online Community for Connection and Accountability


Total Value over $5,589

Your Price- $1497

Course Pricing

Now, this is more than just a few months of video modules. It’s 8 weeks of live support and community.

It’s 8 weeks of learning everything they don’t teach you on the job – from managing up, down and all around to politics to boundary-setting and articulating your value so everyone knows the kind of leader you are.

Here’s what some past members of the academy shared about their experience:

Chrystina Wilson
Founding Member of the Heart Work Academy

Dr. Alissa Sasser
Founding Member of the Heart Work Academy

If you’ve been longing to discover the secrets your bosses know that got them where they are, this is where you’ll find out.

And the results are a career and life you can feel confident about. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level and stop struggling, I’ve saved a seat for you inside the EduCare Women’s Leadership Academy – but not for long.

There are only a few spots left for our next session, so don’t wait another second to become a confident leader. Register here and I’ll meet you inside:

Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson

Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson, known in her community as Dr. PBJ, gives professional women the tools to beat burnout so you can live, work, and serve in freedom.  Dr. PBJ is an author, transformational speaker, podcast host and educator of almost 25 years serving in executive leadership at colleges and universities. She holds a doctoral degree in Education Administration. Much of her work is specifically focused on equipping and refreshing educators. Compassionate work can carry a high price tag: your mind, body, spirit and relationships may be in distress as you serve the needs of others. Dr. Jackson leads her community to serve their purpose without paying an ultimate price.

The weekly sessions with Dr. PBJ will occur live through Zoom.  Participants will receive the Zoom links at the start of the program.

There are no refunds. Please take the time to read through the information on this page to be sure this program meets your needs before purchasing.

All participants will receive access to the replays after each session.