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A community of faith dedicated to discovering, pursuing, and maximizing purpose

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This course was designed to help you identify the specific purpose God has assigned to your life.  

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Join other Heart Workers who are discovering, pursuing, and maximizing purpose.  In this community, you will enjoy connection, celebration, and accountability.

Chrystina Wilson
Founding Member

This is for you if...

You know there’s more but you don’t know what’s next

You are tired of aimless grinding without impact

You want to honor God through your daily work

You feel like you are hiding in plain sight and no one sees you for who you really are

You want to prove to yourself that it is not too late to pivot into purpose

You want to be fulfilled in your work improvements for trailers.

You are resourceful and open to being challenged

You want to have a powerful impact on the world around you

You are ready to embrace the calling on your life 

Dr. Alissa Sasser

Founding Member

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This is NOT for you if...

You believe you can find purpose without God

You are not willing to follow the process as outlined

You are not open to challenge

You are not willing to do the work

You do not value contributing to and receiving from powerful community

C. Brooks

Founding Member

"All I can say is simply thank you! Your wisdom, your experience, your ebook, YouTube, podcasts...they have been so helpful to me in this season. A couple of weeks ago I felt like burnout 101 like I was about to break but then I reviewed my notes from the session last month and began listening to your podcasts. Through much prayer and tears I’m learning I can’t carry everybody. I was just empty—if that makes sense. Just wanted to say thank you again and how much I appreciate you."

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